A Day In The Life Of A Space General is the 37th produced episode and the 30th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5.


Lieutenant Ninety becomes General Ninety, but things don't go very well for him. Steve Zodiac takes Jock to planet Olympus for a holiday and once there Jock is knocked out and Steve falls into a quagmire. General Ninety orders all patrol ships to intercept an invasion fleet in Sector 23 but it turns out to be a meteorite storm. Steve, saved by Jack, is told to land XL5 on Landing Pad 1, along with Freighter A14, but a tanker is taking off from it at the same time and XL5 crashes into Space City. Other ships explode in flames and Space City burns. Lieutenant Ninety wakes up and discovers the whole thing was only a horrible nightmare.


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Four feather falls

Four Feather Falls, on TV

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