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Alan Tracy
Alan Tracy.png
Gender Male
Born 12th Mar 2005/2044
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Series Thunderbirds
Films Thunderbirds are Go
Thunderbird 6
Role Astronaut
Thunderbird 3/ Space Monitor Thunderbird 5
Voice Actor(s) Matt Zimmerman

(Ray Barrett)

Alan Tracy (born 12 March 2005/2044; 21 years old) is the youngest of the five Tracy brothers, and pilot of International Rescue's big red rocket, Thunderbird 3. His brother Scott usually accompanies him as co-pilot, on TB3's space-rescue missions.

He also trades duties every other month with his brother John, aboard IR's orbital listening post, the space station Thunderbird 5.

The signature color of his IR uniform is white.


Alan is by turns impulsive and headstrong, and - as the youngest of his siblings - perhaps just a bit spoiled (!). But he's also something of a romantic at heart, and is clearly in love with fellow Tracy Island resident Tin-Tin Kyrano.

While he is often teased by his brothers (End Of The Road), he's also prone to charging straight into dangerous situations - without quite thinking it through first (Attack of the Alligators!).


Alan is named after Alan B. Shepard, the first American to go into space, aboard his Project Mercury capsule Freedom 7.


Throughout Thunderbirds' tenure - the TV series and both feature films - Alan is voiced by Matt Zimmerman (exception: first episode Trapped In The Sky, when Ray Barrett provided the voice for the one line Alan speaks - Matt hadn't been cast in the role yet!)


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