Attack Of The Tiger was the 21st produced episode and the 25th broadcast episode of the television series Joe 90.


The code name of Tiger hides the identity of Joe 90 when sent on one of his next hazardous missions.


Somewhere in Asia a W.I.N. agent observes a secret underground rocket complex. He is spotted and chased but manages to reach a frontier post just before he is shot. The message he has dictated into his W.I.N. pen recorder tells Sam and Shane that their worst fears are about to be realised. The opposition plan to put a nuclear device into orbit from the underground complex and hold the world to ransom. The base must be destroyed, and World Intelligence are given the task. They will use the VG 104, the Air Force's most heavily armed fighter bomber, piloted by Joe with the brain patterns of an expert on the Eastern Alliance System. His code name will be Tiger. Joe takes off and, refuelling on route, reaches the enemy coast and flies in under the radar. He continues to the base and despite the tremendous anti-aircraft fire presses home the attack. In a desperate final dive Joe hits the fuelled rocket which explodes and destroys the complex. Mission accomplished.


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  • Musicals background from Stingray can be heard in this episode.
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