Breakout is the 21st broadcast episode and 22rd produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


Joe 90 is abducted by two desperate convicts who have trapped the Canadian Prime Minister.


Two convicts, Real and Marney, escape from a work party in the Canadian mountains and seize an opportunity to make a daring getaway and a fortune.

For their escape coincides with the arrival of the Prime Minister. A salute is to be fired in his honour from an old gun on a hill overlooking a railway bridge, but the two convicts overcome the gun crew and take charge. They blow the far end of the bridge away as the train approached, and then destroy the other end of the bridge so that the train is trapped.

Real and Marney then signal the authorities and demand one million dollars as ransom and also a helijet to help their escape. Unless these terms are met, and if any rescue attempt is made, they will blow the train up.

But Joe 90 is on holiday there, with the brain patterns of an Olympic bob sleigh champion to help him enjoy his visit, and he is persuaded to take the money to the convicts, with a helijet. The two men double-cross him, however. Joe is captured and taken as hostage in the helijet.

The Prime Minister is safe and is rescued from the train just as the entire bridge collapses, but Joe is in dire peril, until he sees a chance to take the controls of the helijet and teach the convicts a sharp lesson.


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