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Captain Brown
Captain Brown.png
Gender Male
Real Name Alan Stevens
Born 14th January 2033
Hair Brown
Eyes Amber
Series Captain Scarlet
Affiliation Spectrum
Role Spectrum Field Agent, Senior Staff Officer, and Colour Code Captain
Voice Actor Charles Tingwell
"If only we were fighting something we understood. Something tangible, something in three dimensions."
— Captain Brown voicing his concern to Captain Scarlet about how unpredictable the Mysterons may be in their fight.

Captain Brown (real name Alan Stephens) was a senior Spectrum agent, and appeared in the Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons episode The Mysterons. He was killed, along with Captain Scarlet, when the Mysterons crashed the car he was in and used their powers of retro-metabolism to create exact duplicates of them in their attempt to assassinate the World President.

Captain Brown was voiced by Charles Tingwell.

As a Human

Captain Brown was one of Colonel White's best men and one of the first of the chosen agents. His first big assignment was to organise the security arrangements of the World President's transportation to New York's Maximum Security Building, and to be his personal body guard.

However, on the way to New York, the Mysterons interfered with the car he was in, killing him and his field partner Captain Scarlet instantly.

As a Mysteron

Captain Brown was reconstructed as a Mysteron and, with the reconstructed Captain Scarlet, organised the security arrangements. Captain Brown stayed in New York with the President while Captain Scarlet went back to Cloudbase to report on the mission.

Captain Brown joined the President on an MSV and told him of all the security procedures in place. When they arrived at the Maximum Security Building, they were both scanned before they were allowed to the Maximum Security Suite. The President was cleared but Captain Brown was stopped. His metal case of cigarettes turned out to be the problem.

The two descended 18 stories down to the Maximum Security Suite. The President took his place behind the desk, but found that Captain Brown had become unresponsive and smoke was pouring from his tunic. Moments later Captain Brown exploded, completely destroying the Maximum Security Building. However the President escaped unhurt when he hit the emergency button on his chair which sent him in a sealed underground tunnel leading him to safety.

Spectrum later found out that the real Captain Brown had been killed and replaced with a Mysteron likeness.



  • Captain Brown had a stunt puppet that was used in the explosion scene, to avoid damage of the original.
  • In fanon, Captain Brown also had Steven Blackburn as his real name.
  • Having appeared in only the one episode and a cameo in another, Captain Brown's puppet was used for three main villains who in the same way were killed and reconstructed as Mysteron Agents: Major Reeves, Neilson and Professor Gabriel A. Carney. He was also seen as some other minor characters: A barman, Charlie Hansen and Doctor Ernst Conrad. Sometimes, the head was also given some grey streaks in the hair depending on the age of the character.
  • It appears in The Secret Service as a Foreign Frogman and George Grey, it was later rewigged with grey hair and a moustache and was used as General Brompton and Professor Soames.

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