Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Released by ATV
ProducerGerry & Sylvia Anderson
Directed ByDesmmond Saunders
Alan Perry
Leo Eaton
Ken Turner
Peter Anderson
Music DirectorBarry Gray
Special EffectsDerek Meddings
Duration25 Minutes
Original Air Date29th September 1969
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For the more recent re-tool, see New Captain Scarlet. For other uses, see Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (Disambiguation).

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was a television series originally broadcast on ITV over 1967–1968. It was the fifth Gerry Anderson show to be filmed in Supermarionation.

Plot synopsisEdit

In the year A.D. (or C.E.) 2068, a manned mission to the planet Mars (the second Zero-X mission) is conducted to locate the source of signals monitored at Spectrum. Alas, it ends in disaster when the three-member crew of the Martian Exploration Vehicle, or "MEV", from Earth encounters an amazing and mysterious Martian complex, populated by unseen beings. But mistaking the inhabitants' scanning camera for a gun supposedly being aimed at them, the crew believe that they are about to be attacked, and destroy the entire complex using missiles fired from the belly of the MEV--missiles meant to be used ONLY for clearing the MEV's path on the Martian surface. Captain Black, commanding the mission, thus acts in violation of orders that PEACEFUL contact be made with the inhabitants.

Spectrum Logo 1

Spectrum Logo

However, the complex then recreates itself using the unearthly process known as retro-metabolism, and the enraged inhabitants of the complex, who identify themselves as the Mysterons, vow to exact their revenge upon Earth by engaging humanity in a "war of nerves". The Mysterons are able convert anyone or anything to their cause by destroying the original and then recreating it anew - capable of employing any means necessary to bring about the downfall of the human race.

Earth’s first line of defence against the alien attackers is the world security organisation known as Spectrum; led by Colonel White, Spectrum uses all its available resources to thwart the Mysteron threat, including a team of colour-coded agents, with deadly Angel Interceptors and the tank-like Spectrum Pursuit Vehicles. One of Spectrum’s top agents is Captain Scarlet; once under Mysteron control, Scarlet somehow managed to regain control of himself with the added bonus of now being indestructible.

Fearless in his mission to protect Earth, the devoted Captain Scarlet continuously attempts to defeat the menace of the Mysterons.



Unlike Anderson's previous series, Captain Scarlet had a darker, more mature plot, as well as a more terrifying threat than before, this time in the form of the Mysterons.

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Other Media SortiesEdit


  • Captain Scarlet Vs The Mysterons -- a compilation of the installments "The Mysterons a.k.a. Mars 2068 A.D.(One Man Fate Has Made Indestructible)," "Winged Assassin," "Seek And Destroy," and "Attack On Cloudbase"
  • Revenge Of The Mysterons From Mars -- a compilation of the installments "Shadow of Fear," "Lunarville 7," "Crater 101" and "Dangerous Rendezvous,"

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Behind the Scenes InfoEdit

  • Microgramma Bold Extended font was used for the series' episode titles.
  • The "Mars - 2068 A.D." caption that appeared in an establishing shot of said planet in The Mysterons was rendered in Microgramma Medium Extended font.
  • Richard Conway and Stephen J. Mattick, who wrote the episode Operation Time, previously worked on Thunderbirds as special effects technicians.


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons was remade in 2005 with CGI technology into New Captain Scarlet.

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