Child of the Sun God is the 22nd broadcast episode and 26th produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


Joe 90 discovers a lost jungle tribe and has to prove that he is a god.


Four world statesman are paralysed after being struck down by poisoned darts from a blowpipe, and when it is discovered that the poison is from the ancient Amaztec civilisation, which flourished in the foothills of the Andes, Joe 90 is given the brain patterns of an expert on the Amaztecs. He flies out to try to discover the lost tribe and obtain an antidote for the poison. Alone in the jungle, he is captured and taken to the temple to face the God who is, in fact, a white man who has obtained power over the natives by a series of electronic tricks. Fearful that his trickery will be exposed, the God demands that Joe is sacrificed, but the natives spare him because they believe he may be the "Child of the Sun God." He must now face trial by entombment to prove that he is a god, and is taken to a cave, which is blocked by a huge stone over the entrance. Joe's only hope of survival is to prove that he is a god - and he succeeds in convincing the natives that he is indeed the Child of the Sun God when he escapes by an underground waterway and reveals the white god to be a fraud.


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