City of Fire is the 3rd produced, and the 15th broadcast, episode of the British television series Thunderbirds.


A rapidly-spreading fire, in the vast subterranean car-park of the multi-story Thompson Tower shopping complex, has trapped the visiting Carter family in its basement. International Rescue's only hope of reaching them in time to get them out, is a risky new cutting gas, developed by IR's resident genius/inventor, Brains - which has already rendered both Scott and Virgil Tracy unconscious during testing...


  • The production and broadcast order of what would be Thunderbirds' first season diverge widely at this point - the first eleven episodes had already been filmed, in a 30-minute format, and Team Anderson had to go back to film new material to expand them to an hour-long each - while continuing to film further episodes - in order to accord with ITC head Lew Grade's wishes for the longer length.
  • Not until episode 25 (The Cham-Cham) and the season-ending clip show Security Hazard, do production and broadcast order align once again. All six of the series' second-season episodes were filmed, and broadcast, in identical order.


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