Paul foster

Colonel Paul Foster is a character in the British television series UFO.

He was portrayed by actor Michael Billington.


SHADOSTAFF Operative 804.

Twenty-nine year old Major Paul J. Foster was elected to SHADO after becoming involved in a UFO incident that nearly cost him his life and came close to endangering the entire security of SHADO.

Test flying a civil aircraft, Foster's flight plan was the same as th entry trajectory of a UFO. Ordered to leave the area, he refused after sighting the object. SHADO defences destroyed the UFO and Foster's plane was hit by the blast, causing it to crash. Foster managed to eject and awoke to find himself in hospital stuffing from temporary blindness, later discovered to be a security measure induced by SHADO medical personnel.

Angry and sure of what he had seen, Foster attempted to make the authorities listen, but instead became more and ore involved with the SHADO operation. After following a series of clues, Foster finally confronted Commander Straker and learned that it had been a carefully laid plan to test the young man's reactions and strength of character.

Straker had seen in Paul Foster the qualities needed to take over command of any one of the SHADO defence systems. SHADO had found an operative of exceptional courage as was to be proven on many subsequent occasions.



Paul Foster (Exposed)

Kill StrakerEdit

Paul Foster (Kill Straker)

The Cat with Ten LivesEdit

Foster (cat with 10 lives)


Foster (conflict)


Foster (ESP)

The Sound of SilenceEdit

Foster (sound of silence)

The Square TriangleEdit

Foster (Square triangle)


Foster (sub-smash)


Foster (destrection)

Close UpEdit

Foster (close up)

The PsychobombsEdit

Foster (psychobombs)


Paul Foster (Survival)


Foster (mindbender)


Foster (ordeal)

The Man Who Came BackEdit

Foster (man who came back)

The Dalotek AffairEdit

Foster (Dalotek affair)


Foster (timelash)

The Responsibility SeatEdit

Foster (Responsibility Seat)

The Long SleepEdit

Foster (the long sleep)

Court MartialEdit

Foster (court martial)

Reflections in the WaterEdit

Foster (refections in the water)

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