Commander Zero
LT 90
Born25th June 2017, New York
Series Fireball XL5
RoleSpace City Controller
Voice ActorJohn Bluthal

Commander Wilbur Zero is a main character from the TV series Fireball XL5. He is the Commander and Controller of Space City (Headquarters of the World Space Patrol), where he supervises Earth space traffic and directs the entire Fireball XL fleet. He is an often agitated man, constantly annoyed by his slow thinking subordinate Lieutenant Ninety, the lazy Zoonie and sometimes his own son Johnathon Zero. He nonetheless has an affection for the Fireball XL5 crew and maintains his authority in World Space Patrol with pride.

Character Bio

(as written in Century 21 Magazine)

Wilbur Zero was born into a very tough military family, who firmly impressed upon him a sense of duty during his formative years. Despite their attempts to direct his talents towards the Army, Zero refused, presumably out of rebellion against his father. In 2036 he joined with the US Air Force and proved himself a stellar pilot. So much so that he was to be selected for the S.S.E.C. space programme in 2040. While working with the programme, he held the rank of lieutenant and acted as Co-pilot on many Zero-X missions alongside Professor Matic. When the professor left the space programme in 2045, Zero was promoted to Captain of his own ship. This was quickly succeeded by his promotion to colonel for outstanding bravery in 2047.

By 2048, Zero had been well established as a pioneer of space travel and took up a transfer to the newly founded World Space Patrol headquarters Space City as Chief Astronaut. He performed the function of Vice Commander under General Rossiter. In 2052, Rossiter moved on to take a seat at the World Security Council, leaving Zero to be promoted to Commander in the wake of his absence. He also married his long-time love Elanor during that same year and their son Johnathon was born not 1 year later. Nowadays, Zero still remains in command of Space City, albeit with the young and eager Lieutenant Ninety around to help. Whether he be sat behind his Neutroni transmitting console, or flying through the reaches of space, Zero is a vital part of the World Space Patrol organisation.


Zero makes a cameo appearance in the audience at the WASP Jazz concert in the Stingray episode Tune Of Danger.


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