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Deadline is the 7th broadcast and the 8th produced episode of Independent television series Space Precinct.


Organ leggers from Danae are at work on Altor. Brogan suspects Dr.Jorry is the receiver, and sends Officer Castle undercover to the transplant clinic to get proof.


Brogan and Haldane are in pursuit of an unregistered limo when it releases a missile onto a collision course with Ivory Towers. Brogan manoeuvres the Police Cruiser to knock the missile off course and it lands in the street nearby. Inside the missile they discovered, contained the dead body of a tarn male, an autopsy shows that the body is missing certain vital organs, heart, liver and all three kidneys, and Podly realises that organ leggers from Danae are at work on Altor. Brogan and Haldane visit Dr. Paul Jorry at his transplant clinic to question him about the donor organs that he uses in transplant surgery but Jorry assures them that his donor organs all come from legitimate sources, illustrating the point with his next patient, Mrs. Vork, a four-armed clyben grandmother who is to receive a liver courtesy of a mining accident on Asteroid A-16. Meanwhile on Paradise Street, creons Rik and Pike abduct Udo Wirt, a clyben pickpocket with the exact blood and tissue match to Mrs. Vork.

Regular Cast

Guest Cast

Tarn Body - David Oliver

Handler - Will Barton

Local -Joanna Berns

Local Creon - Leigh Tinkler

Hardware Used