Doctor Venus
Born10th February 2035, Paris
Series Fireball XL5
RoleMedical Doctor
Voice ActorSylvia Anderson

Dr. Venus is a character from the television series Fireball XL5. She is the crew's medical expert on board Fireball XL5 and Steve Zodiac's romantic interest. Her birth name is Lily Lumière

Character Bio

(as written in Century 21 Magazine)

'Lily Lumière' was born a french girl, sadly orphaned a few months after her birth thanks to the mass riots across France following the Eurpoean Atomic War of 2028 AD. She was discovered by a medical team, in a survival shelter. There were no surviving documents of her birth and no living relatives that could be found at short notice, thus Lily was taken to the state orphanage. She would end up being adopted by one of the international doctors sent to help in the aftermath of the war, Victor Crabtree and his hitherto unnamed wife, who would give her the name 'Venus'. They settled down in Southern France in 2040, once the damage to Europe during the war had been fixed. Venus was encouraged to study medicine and would later graduate from Universe University with P.h.D.s in biology and space medicine.

The void left by her dead birth parents would motivate her to join the World Space Patrol medical wing in 2056, where upon she was stationed at Space City and worked to make sure the pressures of the new Fireball XL ships would not be harmful to their crews. She had dropped the surname Crabtree by this time as she preferred to let her unknown lineage be her identity. A year after, she was reassigned to Fireball XL5 under the command of Steve Zodiac and granted the rank of Surgeon Lieutenant. She adopted a lone Lazoon from the planet Calevio in May 2062, which she named Zoonie and has become very fond of over the years. In 2063, she earned her Diploma in Space Psychology and has proven to be a very capable co-pilot as well as assistant naviagtor. Despite her demonstrated prowess in other fields of expertise, she has remained with the crew of Fireball XL5 no matter what, always making sure her patients are in top physical and mental condition.


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