Drama At Space City is the 30th produced episode and the 24th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


While Steve Zodiac and Venus are on holiday, Johnathan Zero is looking after Zoonie. When, with Zoonie, he goes into the main control cabin of Fireball XL5 one night, Zoionie gives the order, "Full power". Robert The Robot obeys and launches the spacecraft. This starts an alert and Commander Zero, with Lieutenant Ninety, take off after XL5 in Fireball XL1. They find it in space, on fire and when they get aboard discover Johnathan and Zoonie unconscious. Zoonie has, however, put the fire out with a ray extinguisher.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • As Steve reads his diary, flashback footage of The Doomed Planet and The Triads is shown, implying that those two episodes take place before this one.
  • When Zero and Eleanor read in bed, Zero’s Stargazing magazine has a picture of Supercar on the cover.
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