Eastern Eclipse is the 23rd broadcast episode and 36th produced episode from the Stingray television series.


The dethroned Ali Khali, brother of evil dictator El Hudat (who is in Marineville Jail) visits Marineville. Meanwhile, Surface Agent X20 helps El Hudat escape from imprisonment by swapping Ali Khali, who has an exact likeness, in his place. Commander Shore discovers the switch so the Stingray crew and Ali Khali give chase.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

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  • El Hudat and Ali Khali are portrayed by two versions of the Masterspy puppet from Supercar.
  • X20 reveals that El Hudat has been in prison for the past year.
  • Commander Shore and Lieutenant Fisher’s dialogue states that it takes a Supersonic 101 jet airliner one minute to go 20 miles, stating that the plane’s top speed is in excess of 1,200 mph.
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