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Enforcer is the 2nd broadcast and the 3rd produced episode of Independent television series Space Precinct.


When members of the Hydra gang apparently die from massive heart attacks, Brogan and Haldane treat the death as suspicious and investigate.


After mugging Creon repairman Skeevan, Nick Roberts, a member of Skall Street's notorious Hydra Gang., apparently dies from a massive heart attack when he is approached by a tarn named Trask and his young alien assistant Vala. A medical examination of Robert's body reveals that some form of severe internal trauma shredded his heart without leaving any external injuries, so Brogan and Haldane treat the death as suspicious and question Hydra Gang leader Andy Sturgeon. The man is unable to offer them any leads but he latter visits Skeevan and threatens the old creon. Trask and Vala appear and warn Sturgeon off by telekinetically speeding up his heartbeat, but Sturgeon and his gang corner the pair in a warehouse after they leave Skeevan's shop. Brogan and Haldane are alerted by repprts of gunfire, but by the time they arrive at the warehouse, Sturgeon and his gang members are dead and Trask and Vala have made their escape.

Regular Cast

Guest Cast

Hydra Gang Members

Skall Street Residents


  • Orrin has a new look with thicker, darker hair. The character's head was modified between filming scenes on Protect and Survive and Enforcer as it had been noted from the first two episodes that Orrin and Beezle appeared to be too similar for viewers to make an instand distinction between them.
  • After Trask and Vala murder his fellow gang members, Sturgeon reveals their names as ‘Avi’ (Creon with red hair), Fred (human) and Bullo (Creon with yellow hair).