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Fire Tender
Fire Tender.jpg
Designer: Unknown
Engineer: Brains
Built: 2026 or 2065
Colour: Yellow
Pod Number Unknown

The Fire Tender is one of the fourteen Pod Vehicles used by International Rescue for missions.


The Fire Tender is used to help deal with fires.


The Fire Tender is a fast moving vehicle with ten wheels, four at the front and six at the back. The Truck can hold up to three people inside. The ladder on top is five meters long, long enough to rescue people from a house. Most of the truck holds the water, it is only the cabin, which holds the driver and passengers. At the bottom of the ladder are jets, which provide water pressure to pump the water.


The original Fire Tender was designed for fire services all over the world. However, International Rescue bought one and upgraded it to their required standard.


Other Appearances

  • The Martian Space Probe vehicle, from Day Of Disaster, is based on the design of the Fire Tender.