Gerry Anderson Encyclopedia
Designed by Jeff Tracy
Built by Brains
Built in 2026 or 2065
Colour Yellow
Pod Number Unknown

Brains has designed many amazing fire-fighting vehicles for International Rescue. The most successful is the Firefly which incorporates Cahelium Extract X, one of the toughest metals known to man. The Firefly can travel to the heart of a blaze and snuff out a fire at its source. This is often done by means of nitro-glycerine shells which are fired from the nozzle in the protective front plate. Conventional high-pressure water and low-pressure foam can be sprayed on to the fire via the rear-mounted turret.

Comic history

In the Redan Comics continuity, at some point after the main series events, the Firefly was supplemented by two radio controlled Firefly drones much like the Elevator Cars or the Recovery vehicles. These are virtually identical to the original Firefly aside from the fact they lack a cockpit, or a slot in the front blade to provide vision for a pilot. Their blades also were painted with the number of which radio control vehicle they were and strangely appeared to be painted entirely gold.