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Flash is the 19th broadcast and the 4th produced episode of Independent television series Space Precinct.


Altotr's latest designer drug HE-11, also known as Flash, is making users spontaneously explode.


Brogan and Haldane stop tarn driver Marcus Droon for speeding but before they can arrest him, Droon spontaneously explodes. Jane suggests that Droon's death was caused by an overdose of Altotr's latest designer drug HE-11, also known as Flash, so the officers visit Interchem to question company director Dr. Henry Jenson about their use of tetrachriline, a key component of the drug. Meanwhile an alien named Mogo arrives at the Station House to report that his girlfriend Pola Vad Moonacki is dealing Flash. Slomo traces Pola to a flophouse in the wharf district but when Orrin and Beezle go there, they are followed by Mogo who breaks down the door, knocks out the two officers and kidnaps Pola. At Interchem, Jansen admits that his company developed Flash and when he suggests that the drug might be being made independently by his former chief chemist, Pola Vad Moonacki, Brogan realises that her kidnapping is no coincidence.

Regular Cast

Guest Cast

Creon Newsreader - Andy Dawson

2nd Creon Officer - Andy Dawson

Tarn Officer - Rob Thirtle

Creon - Andy Dawson


  • Former EastEnders regular Tom Watt asked to be released from his contract as Beezle on completion of this episode, after he discovered that the character's voice was being dubbed by Gary Martin, leaving nothing that he felt was recognisable as his own performance.
  • The Creon Officer seen in this episode appears again in Body & Soul, Time to Kill, Two Against the Rock, Friendship and Deathwatch Conclusion. His name badge appears to read Sasha.
  • Mrs. Sitruc is named after Tony Curtis, a production designer.