Flying Zodiac is the 10th Produced episode and the 9th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5.


A circus visits Space City and the special guest are Madame Mivea and Cosmo the Clown, who are really Mr and Mrs Space Spy in disguise. They plan to use the circus to allow the Nomadians to take over Earth to provide a home for them.

Steve's trapeze wires are tampered with and, when they snap, Jock just manages to save him by shooting out of a cannon and grabbing his dangling ankles! The Normadian leader captures Lieutenant Ninety, but just when things seem lost, one of the Professor's experiments explodes and Doctor Venus wakes up. It was all a dream.


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  • Venus dreams about Boris and Griselda Space Spy (as Cosmo and Madame Mivea, respectively), so this episode must be seen before Spy in Space, where the XL5 crew meet them for the first time.


  • The Caravan Leader uses light years as a measurement of time (to describe his age and how long his people have been traveling in space), but they are really a measurement of distance.
  • Jock mistakes Ken Johnson for Ken Ross.
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