Four Feather Falls
4 feather falls.png
Released by Granada Television
Producer Gerry Anderson
Directed By Gerry Anderson
David Elliott
Allan Pattillo
Director of Photography Arthur Provis
Art Director Reginald E.Hill
Music Director Barry Gray
Special Effects Derick Meddings
Medium Black and White
Episodes 39 (1 Season)
Duration 12-13 Minutes
Original Air Date Feb 1960
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Four Feather Falls was a marionette show which used an unusual combination of the western and fantasy genres. The show follows the adventures of Tex Tucker the Sheriff of Four Feather Falls. It was Gerry Anderson's first series to use the Supermarionation puppetry techniques, though the term itself would not be coined until midway through production of Anderson's next series, Supercar.

Sheriff Tex Tucker

The Four Magic Feathers

Regular Cast

Marvin Jackson - Kenneth Connor

Dan Morse - Nicholas Parsons

Doc Haggerty - Kenneth Connor

Slim Jim Denison - Kenneth Connor

Makooya - Denise Bryer

Chief Kallamakooya - Kenneth Connor

Pedro - Kenneth Connor

Fernando - David Graham

Big Ben - David Graham

Red Scalp - David Graham

Bill Asher - David Graham and Kenneth Connor

Abe Weeks - Kenneth Connor


(Production Order)

  1. How It Began
  2. Kidnapped
  3. Pedro Has A Plan
  4. Pedro's Pardon
  5. A Close Shave
  6. Indian Attack
  7. Sheriff For A Day
  8. Dusty Becomes Deputy
  9. Gun Runners
  10. Trouble In Yellow Gulch
  11. Frame-Up
  12. Gold Diggers
  13. Gold Is Where You Find It
  14. Trapped
  15. The Best Laid Plans
  16. Escort
  17. The Toughest Guy In The West
  18. Chance Of A Ghost
  19. Gun Play
  20. A Lawman Rides Alone
  21. Jail Break
  22. A Little Bit Of Luck
  23. Land Grabbers
  24. Once A Lawman
  25. Election Day
  26. Gun Fight On Main Street
  27. Horse Thieves
  28. A Bad Name
  29. The Ma Jones Story
  30. Bandits Abroad
  31. A Cure For Everything
  32. Teething Troubles
  33. Buffalo Rocky
  34. Safe As Houses
  35. First Train Through
  36. Fancy Shooting
  37. Happy Birthday
  38. Ambush
  39. Ride 'Em Cowboy

(Broadcast Order)

  1. How It Began
  2. Trouble In Yellow Gulch
  3. Frame-Up
  4. Pedro Has A Plan
  5. Sheriff For A Day
  6. Indian Attack
  7. A Close Shave
  8. Pedro's Pardon
  9. The Toughest Guy In The West
  10. Gun Runners
  11. Jail Break
  12. Trapped
  13. Dusty Becomes Deputy
  14. A Lawman Rides Alone
  15. Buffalo Rocky
  16. Gun Play
  17. Escort
  18. A Little Bit Of Luck
  19. The Best Laid Plans
  20. The Ma Jones Story
  21. Election Day
  22. Gun Fight On Main Street
  23. Chance Of A Ghost
  24. Once A Lawman
  25. Land Grabbers
  26. A Cure For Everything
  27. Bandits Abroad
  28. Safe As Houses
  29. Gold Is Where You Find It
  30. Gold Diggers
  31. First Train Through
  32. A Bad Name
  33. Kidnapped
  34. Teething Troubles
  35. Fancy Shooting
  36. Ride 'Em Cowboy
  37. Ambush
  38. Horse Thieves
  39. Happy Birthday


Cultural References

Some fans believe that Four Feather Falls was the inspiration for the fictional show Woody's Roundup which featured in the 1999 film Toy Story 2. Like Four Feather Falls, Woody's Roundup was a marionette show which was cancelled in favour of space shows, the former being succeeded by Supercar and Fireball XL5, the latter by the fictional Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. A connection is also suggested by the fact that the protagonists in Supercar and XL5 are named in the same style as the equivalent character from Toy Story; Mike Mercury and Steve Zodiac compared with Buzz Lightyear.

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