Gerry Anderson Encyclopedia
Produced by GOSH! TV
Producer Gerry Anderson and Adam J. Shaw
Directed By Phil Littler
Music Director Dave Stewart
Medium Colour
Episodes 1
Duration 30 Minutes

GFI, or G-Force Intergalactic, was an animated series conceived by Gerry Anderson. The show's animation would have been a combination of 2D Cel animation and CGI 3D animation. The premise would have centred around the titular rapid depolyment unit and their efforts to save the popluations of the United Planets' Myson solar system.

Much akin to Terrahawks, the main spaceship Galaxy would have been hidden on a secret asteroid, beneath an English cottage and garden called Star City, which would have subsequently descended inside the ship ready for takeoff. The ship contained a fleet of several smaller crafts, an automated factory for developing purpose built machines and a gene laboratory for adapting alien lifeforms to serve the needs of GFI. 

Virtual reality was also used by the team, in the form of the images created by Star Probe, a small unmanned vehicle with faster-than-light capability. These were used by the team to analyse the more dangerous parts of the mission.

Only one episode was produced before the project was shelved due to lack of funding and poor animation quality.



  1. Warming Warning


  • The concept of a United Planets was one which originated with Terrahawks, although it is unsure if Gerry Anderson or Tony Barwick came up with it.
  • The premise bares a large resemblance to Gerry's unproduced TV series concept Rescue 4 which featured a similar large spaceship that could dig itself into the ground.