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Ghosts Of Space is the 35th produced episode and the 36th Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


James Frazer, an Earth geologist, discovers electric rock on the planet Electon. He demands that Steve Zodiac takes it back to Earth, but he refuses. Strange things happen as objects float around, but the crew of XL5 cannot discover why. When they try to leave the planet, Frazer attacks with the electric rock, which explodes on impact. Just when it seems Steve will be hit, Frazer begins to float. Two small Groverians appear and explain that they frightened away the Electons as they feared they would stop them taking away the electic rock. Steve gets them to apologise to the Electons and Frazer is taken back to Earth.


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  • This is the only Fireball XL5 episode in which Commander Zero and Lieutenant 90 do not appear.