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Gordon Tracy
Gordon Tracy.png
Gender Male
Born 14 February 2004/2043
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Series Thunderbirds
Films Thunderbirds are Go
Thunderbird 6
Role Aquanaut
Thunderbird 4
Voice Actor David Graham

Gordon Tracy (born 14 February 2004/2043; 22 years old) is the second-youngest of the five Tracy brothers (just ahead of Alan), and serves as Aquanaut aboard International Rescue's yellow mini-sub, Thunderbird 4.

The signature color of his IR uniform is orange.

His aquatic bonafides are extensive, including active service in both the World Aquananut Security Patrol (WASP) and the Submarine Service. An early love of the sea led to his becoming an expert oceanographer, and he's also the inventor of an improved Aqua-lung underwater breathing apparatus, which he still utilizes when needed in the course of his rescue missions.

But all of this has not come without cost: prior to the founding of IR, Gordon suffered a near-death experience when he was involved in a speedboat crash at 400 knots, which hospitalized him for four months.


Gordon has a well-calibrated sense of fun, and while his high spirits and occasional hijinks (including a penchant for practical jokes) are usually accepted by his family, his more-seriously-minded father Jeff often fails to find the humor...!

Nonetheless, when it's time for action, the family "goldfish" becomes all-business. With TB4's ability to operate in a wide variety of aquatic environments, and its compact (and, yes, lethal - if called upon) arsenal of unique high-tech cutlery available to him, Gordon can and does tackle close-quarters undersea challenges with the skill and nerve of a master gem-cutter - from oceans (eg Operation Crash-Dive, Atlantic Inferno) to lakes (eg Desperate Intruder) and even rivers (eg Day Of Disaster, Attack of the Alligators!).

He's also a canny strategist, and an expert marksman.


Gordon is named after Gordon Cooper (born Leroy Gordon Cooper), the sixth American to go into space and the fourth to orbit the Earth, aboard his Project Mercury capsule Faith 7. (Cooper's flight is also noteworthy in that he was the last American to go into space alone.)


Throughout Thunderbirds' tenure - the TV series and both feature films, Thunderbirds are Go and Thunderbird 6 - Gordon is voiced David Graham (who also provided the voices of series regulars Brains, Kyrano and Aloysius Parker).


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