International Concerto is the 8th broadcast and 6th produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


After a famous pianist's cover as a WIN agent is blown, his life is threatened by Russian captors. Joe 90 must rescue him, and finish his live piano broadcast at the same time.


Igor Sladek is a world-famous concert pianist, but why should the World Intelligence Network require his brain patterns? Professor McClaine is puzzled - until he makes the discovery that Sladek is, in fact, one of the WIN organisation's top agents. The sensible precaution of taking his brain patterns becomes clear when the pianist, during a concert tour of Eastern Europe, is detected by the authorities, and a coded message received in London warns that he hears he is about to be arrested. The brain pattern is therefore transferred to Joe 90, who accompanies Professor McClaine to Europe just as Sladek's latest radio concert is to begin, watched closely by the authorities. Joe succeeds in getting permission to turn over the music for the pianist, and Sladek asks for the baffle screens to be shifted slightly. In doing so, he knows he will be out of the sight of those watching him. During the concert, Joe puts on his special glasses, taking over the pianist's brain pattern, then changes places with Sladek at the keyboard. It is impossible to detect any difference in the playing, which makes it possible for Sladek to be smuggled out of the broadcasting studio without anyone suspecting that Joe has taken over from him. Professor McClaine drives him away in a car. A border guard is suspicious, but a telephone call confirms that the recital is still in progress, and they are allowed through. But what of Joe 90? Will he be able to get away when the trick has been discovered?


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