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Joe 90
Joe 90.png
Released by ATV
Producer Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Directed By Desmmond Saunders
Alan Perry
Leo Eaton
Ken Turner
Peter Anderson
Music Director Barry Gray
Special Effects Derek Meddings
Medium Colour
Episodes 30
Duration 25 Minutes
Original Air Date 29th September 1968
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Joe 90 is a Supermarionation series made in 1968 by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.


Young Joe McClaine is known as W.I.N.'s Most Special Agent, because his adoptive father, Professor Ian McClaine, has created a special device known as the BIG RAT. This enables Joe to acquire the skills and knowledge of any kind of person, from Aquanauts to Astronauts, from piano players to brain surgeons. Other main characters are Sam Loover who is the Deputy Head of the W.I.N, London office and a close personal friend of Professor McClaine. Shane Weston is W.I.N's Deputy Head and London office Supreme Commander. Finally Mrs. Ada Harris is the housekeeper at Professor McClaine's Culver Bay cottage.

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