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John Tracy
JohnTracyCloseUp TheUninvited.jpg
Gender Male
Born 8th Oct 2001/2040
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Series Thunderbirds
Films Thunderbirds are Go
Thunderbird 6
Role Space Monitor
Thunderbird 5/Astronaut Thunderbird 3
Voice Actors Ray Barrett
(Series 1 & 2; Thunderbirds are Go)
Keith Alexander(Thunderbird 6)

John Tracy (born 8th October 2001/2040; 25 years old) is the third-eldest of the Tracy brothers, and serves as the primary Space Monitor aboard International Rescue's orbital listening post, the space station Thunderbird 5.

He also trades duties every other month with his brother Alan, as pilot of IR's big red rocket, Thunderbird 3.

The signature color of his IR uniform is lilac.


Even when he's home on leave at Tracy Island every other month, John can seem like a fish-out-of-water, somehow. He has his allies, though: in his Grandma Tracy, who frets over his welfare on those rare occasions when contact with TB5 is disrupted; and in Tin-Tin Kyrano, who looks forward to his home-visits and makes sure he's included in family activities (eg Desperate Intruder).

And, to be sure, this quietest and most intellectual of the Tracy siblings genuinely misses his family circle when he's away on duty, and eagerly looks forward to returning to Earth - especially the Tracy Villa swimming pool! (eg City of Fire)


John is named after John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, aboard his Project Mercury capsule Friendship 7.


Throughout Thunderbirds' tenure - the TV series and the first feature film, Thunderbirds are Go - John is voiced by Ray Barrett (exception: Thunderbird 6, the second feature film, where Keith Alexander takes over the role from Barrett, who'd returned to his native Australia).


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