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Kate Kestrel

Kate Kestrel in her work attire.

Born 1st April 1995, Martinique, West Indies
Hair (varies)
Eyes Hazel
Series Terrahawks
Role Pilot/Undercover Contact
Voice Actor Anne Ridler/Beth Chalmers

Captain Kate Kestrel (real name, Katherine Westley) is the top pilot of the Terrahawks and third in command of the whole organisation. She pilots Hawkwing, a highly manoeuvrable and forceful fighter plane along with her gunner and close friend Lieutenant Hawkeye.

Kate Kestrel's Discography


Despite being born in the West Indies, Kate really grew up and received education in Canada. Born alongside 2 brothers, she became a competent musical composer at the age of 14 under the guidance of her grandfather. After her mother's death in 2005, Kate served primarily as a medical officer with NASA Medical Centre before volunteering to become the test pilot for the STATASPHERON Orbital Attack Craft. She would go on to fly 6 tours of duty on space missions, serving greatly to combat the alien invasion of 2017. For her outstanding service, she was selected to pilot the Terrahawks fighter plane, Hawkwing in 2018.


Kate is a very determined and prolific individual, having been born into a family of famous musicians and high ranking military officials. Her grandfather in particular was a famous pianist and Jazz musician which gave her a love of music. Kate's father, John Westley, was the Commander in chief of NASA Moon Base from 2001-06 and furthermore was first officer on the 2009 Mars lander mission before being promoted to commander of United Nations Interplanetary Communications (UNIC). She is very outgoing and free spirited, often finding time to write plenty of songs outside of her career in Terrahawks. She also is very courageous and quick thinking on the battlefield, although her hot headedness can lead her to butting heads with Ninestein over matters of risk and tactics.

AnderBurr Records

Kate Kestrel is also an accomplished pop singer and she was often seen recording songs at Anderburr Records in the company of her floor assistant/A&R man Stew Dapples and Anderburr Records producer, the unseen Chic King. HUDSON was often seen driving Kate to and from Anderburr Records.


  • According to Puppeteer Judy Preece, Kate Kestrel's wigs would often fall off during filming of Terrahawks and that this may have inspired the gag of Cy-Star's wig never staying still on her head.
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