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Lieutenant Fisher
Sub-Lieutenant Fisher.png
Gender Male
Born January 25, 2043
Place Oregon
Age 22
Series Stingray
Role Relief Controller Marienville
Voice Actor Ray Barrett

John Horatio Fisher, better known as Lieutenant Fisher, is the Relief Controller at Marineville Base Control Tower.

Fisher works hard at whatever he does but tends to be over-eager and impulsive. These traits constantly annoy Commander Shore. He has a love of high speed which he takes out in fast cars and water sports. Eventually he would like to be the captain of his own submarine.


Fisher was born in the state of Oregon, USA, on January 25th 2043. His earliest memories are of his father taking him on a tour of a museum in which he saw his first submarine. Ever since that day, the young Fisher wanted to become a submariner. John came from a farming family and though his father had spent time in the World Navy, he was still greatly disappointed that his son showed absolutely no interest in farming.

John Fisher lately became a cadet in the World Navy and, after a period of time, joined the administrative staff at Marineville Base as Relief Controller. He trained on the side to become an aquanaut and passed a course in submarine command in 2065 despite sabotage efforts by the forces of Titan of Titanica.

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