Lieutenant Ninety
Lt Ninety
Born7th January 2039, Bereznik
Series Fireball XL5
RoleSub Controller
Voice ActorDavid Graham

Lieutenant Ninety is a main character from the TV series Fireball XL5.

He is the acting assistant to Commander Zero at Space City. He is excitable and often left at the tender mercies Zero's short fuse. He hopes one day to graduate and finally become a full controller of Space City. His birth name is Josef Nineski.

Character Bio

(as written in Century 21 Magazine)

Joseph Nineski 'Ninety' was born into the cruel clutches of the Bereznik police state, a nation built upon the remains of Poland in the aftermath of the European Atomic War of 2028 A.D. His family held no sympathy with the dictatorship, and were able to escape to the west in the 2045. Upon arrival, the family name was changed from Nineski to 'Ninety' so they could integrate with the western world. Not much is known about the tutelage Ninety received in Bereznik or the west, but he was skilled enough in electronics to qualify for a working position at World Space Patrol in 2060 as Neutroni communications officer and data management personnel. He received promotion to Lieutenant and became the Space City sub controller to Commander Zero in 2062.

Later that same year, Ninety underwent training to become a full time astronaut, which he passed by the skin of his teeth after his space capsule nearly exploded with him inside. At present, he is still the sub controller at Space City, but his astronaut's wings have given him the opportunity to act as co pilot alongside Commander Zero on rescue missions. He is also undertaking a practical design degree course in electronics, which he hopes to pass and become a Bachelor of space, with an added promotion of full controller.

Lt 90
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