Lone-Handed 90 is the 24rd broadcast episode and 20th produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


Joe 90 dreams of becoming a Sheriff and takes part in a rip-roaring Western.


Like most nine-year-old boys, Joe 90 is an ardent Western fan, so it's not surprising that he should dream of becoming a fast-shooting, tough Sheriff when he falls asleep while watching a Western on TV. He finds himself facing the WIN gang who have been in town only a few minutes before they make trouble in the saloon. Sheriff Joe is soon on the scene and rounds them up. Safely behind bars in jail, with the Doc looking after them, Joe goes off on another assignment, but the gang break loose, overpower the Doc, tie him up and set fire to the building. The Doc manages to edge his way to the telephone and make contact with Joe, who saves him in the nick of time, then sets off in chase of the gang who are on their way to carry out another daring raid, planning to hold up the noon express. It's a melodramatic chase climaxed with Sheriff Joe again triumphant and this time saving the life of his father, Mac, who has somehow become involved in the hectic adventure!


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  • Sylv and Jerry were named after Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.
  • the harmonica music in this episode is played by Tommy Reilly, who previously provided harmonica music for Four Feather Falls.

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