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May-Day, May-Day! is the twelfth episode of British television series The Secret Service.

An Arab king is in London to sign an important oil concession.

But certain factions in his country oppose the deal, and his life is under threat.

One attempt is made (and foiled by Matthew) while the king sleeps. But when the king leaves by plane for New York, then the trouble really starts.

Father Stanley Unwin and Matthew have to find and dispose of a bomb that has been placed aboard, and then Father Unwin must take the controls, as the crew have been gassed, and land the plane in Iceland.

Father Unwin, who has never flown before, has to be talked down by Air Traffic Controllers, which leads to several near-disasters.

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  • Phil Machin appears in this episode as one of the Airport Passengers.
  • The Muldoviaian Palace was previously the Sultan's Palace in the Joe 90 episode King For A Day.