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"Eek! Eek!"

Mitch - youngster Jimmy Gibson's pet monkey - is the all-but-official mascot of Team Black Rock, in the British television Supercar.

After he, Jimmy and Jimmy's big brother Bill are rescued by Supercar - following their private plane's emergency ditching in the sea - Mitch immediately proceeds to make himself right-to-home in the secret Nevada laboratory...up to, and including, Supercar's launch bay (!), prompting amused test pilot Mike Mercury to observe, "I think we've found a co-pilot!"

He's definitely chief mischief-maker of the place - apt to pop up most anywhere, from Dr. Beaker's laboratory to Professor Popkiss' kitchen and even Mike's bedroom, gamely stirring up (usually) good-natured trouble...and with a gift for being in the wrong place at the right time, for his human friends!

Mitch was voiced (eek-eek and all!) by David Graham.


  • Mitch was inspired by a pet monkey Sylvia Anderson's parents owned when she was a child.
  • According to series lore, to prepare for his role voicing Mitch, Graham spent a day observing monkeys at the Monkey House at the London Zoo!