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The Mole.png
Designer: Jeff Tracy
Engineer: Brains
Built: 2026 or 2065
Colour: Yellow
Pod Number 5

The Mole is one of fourteen Pod Vehicles used by International Rescue and is usually carried in pod 5.


Invented by Brains, a two-part specialist piece of equipment making up thirty tons of burrowing, tearing might, powered by a 1000bhp engine using rocket propellant.

A tracked trolley carries the machine to the drill site where it is tilted for almost vertical drilling with its Formula C30/1 drill bit which can cut through any known metal. Chain mounted metal spikes on its side allow for its return to the surface when the rescue is complete.


Underground rescues.





  • The Mole may have been inspired by the drill in the film Journey to the Center of the Earth. This seems supported by the fact that the writer of the original story in which the Mole appears, Alan Fennell, was also responsible for creating another subterrainean vehicle known as 'Mole' in Supercar. A similar drill can be found in an episode of Pokemon.