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Move - And You're Dead is the 9th produced, and the 20th broadcast, episode of the British television series Thunderbirds.


Alan and Grandma Tracy are trapped high on the girders of a isolated suspension-bridge over the San Miguel River, with a sonic-wave generator positioned nearby. If either of them makes a move, the device will the register the movement - and detonate a bomb, attached to the underside of the bridge!

Alan manages to use his personal intercall wrist- communicator to call home to Tracy Island for help. Grandma faints from the desert heat - and in order to keep Alan from passing out too, Jeff makes him explain - from the beginning - how they got into this fix...

Alan tells how he took part in the Parola Sands Race to test a new engine designed by Brains and fitted into a BR2 racing car; meeting up with old friend and engineer Kenny Malone - and an old racing rival, Victor Gomez. Unknown to him, though, is that Gomez - with partner Johnnie Gillespie - is none too happy to see the return of his old rival, who he means to "fix...for once and for all..."

Elsewhere, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 - with Scott, Virgil and Brains - are racing full-speed to rescue their brother and friend - but the sun's getting higher, and hotter...and Alan's strength of mind and body are rapidly failing...


  • This episode features a haunting solo-guitar underscore.
  • Standout voice-performances from Christine Finn, Peter Dyneley and especially Matt Zimmerman (as Alan).
  • Some very nice set-design, for Grandma's house!


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