Mystery Of The TA2 is the 23rd produced episode and the 23rd Broadcast episode of the series Fireball XL5


The crew of Fireball XL5 discover the wreckage of TA2, a spaceship which disappeared 48 years before. A map found in the wreckage reveals that the pilot, Colonel Harry Denton, intended to go to the planet Arctan after ejecting. On the planet the crew are captured by two ice men and put on trial for trying to steal their King, Denton! He orders their release and when Steve Zodiac offers to take him back to Earth, he does not accept.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast





  • There are a series of bad edits as Venus calls for help from the bottom of the crevasse. First she is sitting waist-deep in snow, the next second she is trying to climb the ice wall, then she is waist-deep in snow again and is finally seen standing in front of the ice wall.
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