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Operation McClaine is the 12th broadcast episode and the 4th produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


One of the world's most famous writers prepares for a brain operation, but the only person capable of performing it is injured is a plane crash.


Maurice Estoral, one of the world's most famous writers, is facing a major brain operation, but the specialist, Dr. Emil Kados, is seriously injured when the plane bringing him from Switzerland to England crashes. The news reaches Professor McClaine, who is very concerned to save the life of the eminent writer and fears that the less experienced Dr. Blakemore, who will now have to carry out the operation, will not be able to succeed. He and Joe therefore pay a secret visit to the unconscious Dr. Kados to collect his brain pattern, which is transferred to Joe. And, because it is obvious that the hospital would not permit a nine-year-old boy to operate, Mac himself receives the brain pattern of a WIN agent and accompanies Joe. The patient is wheeled into the operating theatre, and Mac makes his dramatic move. He holds the hospital staff at gun-point while Joe carries through the difficult operation. It's a triumphant success - but how can the secret be kept? Mac manages this by pointing out to the hospital staff that they will have to take the credit. After all, who would believe them if they said a nine-year-old boy had carried out such an operation?


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