Gerry Anderson Encyclopedia

The many different pods at the Thunderbird 2 hangar.

In the Thunderbirds series, Pods, numbering six in all, are essential for the transport of equipment and machines to rescue sites.


The pods fit within the frame of Thunderbird 2 perfectly, to become aerodynamic and integral with the craft; as well as housing Thunderbird 2's undercarriage for the sole purpose of enabling the combined craft and pod to travel from the hangar to the launch pad.

Pods have doors front and back for loading and unloading of equipment and machines. Integrity of the pod design allows them to be used for the carrying and launch of Thunderbird 4 from pod No.4, after it has been dropped into the water from a small height. All other pods are deposited on land.



Thunderbird 2 sits perched on its stilts while the pods move on a conveyor beneath the craft until the pre-chosen pod is directly underneath it. The craft then lowers and locks the pod into its frame.


Once at the rescue site, Thunderbird 2 unlocks the pod and raises up on its stilts; this enables the machinery to freely exit the large pod door. During operations over water which involve the use of Thunderbird 4, Thunderbird 2 is able to jettison the pod directly into the water, whereupon Thunderbird 4 is released via rail.


After the rescue the equipment is loaded back into the pod where the docking and undocking process is repeated in reverse order.