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"Whoever it was had specific information about the base's security electronics and played his hand with the cunning of a fox. This Mysteron agent is one of the most dangerous we have ever faced."
— Colonel White, after Carney's first assassination attempt.
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Professor Gabriel A. Carney was a character in the Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons episode Codename Europa.

He was an electronics expert who was killed by Captain Black and reconstructed by the Mysterons to carry out their threat of assassinating the three presidents of the Triumvirate of Europe: Conrad Olafson, John L. Henderson and Joseph Mecinni.

Firstly he called up the university where he worked to tell them he was going on long vacation to do special research and didn't know when he'd be back.

After finding out from the Mysterons that each president was being protected by Spectrum in a maximum security base, he set off to the Vandon base to seek out his first target, President Olafson.

After arriving near the base, Carney then set up a high speaker system of realistic sound effects to fool Spectrum into thinking they were being attacked. Whilst the organisation was distracted, Carney cut through the electric fence and placed a bomb in a vent of a room where he thought Olafson was hiding. However it was only a dummy inlet that went as far as ground level and Olafsen who was 40 feet below the ground was safe.

Thinking he had succeeded, Carney then went back to his bungalow and made plans to kill his other targets. President Henderson would be next and President Meccini would be last. He then headed to the base where Henderson was being protected.

However Spectrum was now onto him and were trying to stop him. They set up a road block, but Carney went straight through, then he electronically jammed the controls of the SPV that Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue were driving to try and catch him.

Later that night, Carney activated a model aeroplane that had a special jamming device inside which wiped out communications at the base as well as the wavelength to Spectrum. He then blew the power to the base and walked there past the guards whilst wearing special googles to help him see though the darkness.

Armed with a gun, Carney then proceeded to the room where Henderson was, but he failed to notice a trip wire left at the door and tripped over it. Captain Scarlet who had been hiding behind Henderson's desk, shot Carney dead. Both himself and Blue marvelled at how someone as clever as Carney got past their alarm systems, only to be foiled by a simple piece of trip wire.

Professor Carney was voiced by Neil McCallum.


  • It appears in The Secret Service as a Foreign Frogman and George Grey, it was later rewigged with grey hair and a moustache and was used as General Brompton and Professor Soames.
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