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Reflections in the Water is the 26th and last broadcast and the 23rd produced episode of British television series UFO.


Investigating reports of explosive imitation flying fish in the Atlantic, Straker and Foster find a huge dome underwater. Inside the dome they find an exact replica of SHADO headquarters, including exact replicas of the operatives. When they hear the imitation HQ giving instructions to Moonbase to permit a huge invasion by UFO's they realise that the fake HQ in the dome has been successfully deceiving Moonbase, and something must be done fast!


Main Cast

Guest Cast

1st Moonbase Operative - Maureen Tann

Lieutenant Carol Miller - Andrea Allan

Hardware Used



  • Lieutenant James Anderson was originally to become a permanent replacement for Lieutenant Keith Ford and was listed as part of the regular cast in the script. The character was originally named ’Lieutenant Johnson’, but the name was changed so as to avoid confusion with Lieutenant Ayshea Johnson (and it should go without saying who Anderson was named after!).
  • It was originally suggested that Straker be attacked by his own duplicate (rather than that of a SHADO operative) when he tried to escape from the dome.


  • After witnessing the doppelgängers practicing miming to the recordings, Straker says that The Aliens plan to “take over SHADO Control” when he should have said, as scripted, “take over and control SHADO” (The Aliens plan is to use their duplicate SHADO Control to override transmissions to Moonbase and SkyDiver, not invade the real SHADO Control and replace the staff with the duplicates).
  • During the final battle, three Space Interceptors are launched, but four are seen making successful strikes (although it could be argued that SHADO may have more than just three Interceptors).