Relative Danger is the 11th broadcast episode and 9th produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


Joe 90 is given the brain pattern of a leading underground explorer in an effort to save the lives of three men trapped in an old silver mine.


Three men, a noted geologist and two young physicists, are trapped in an old silver mine while searching for Uranium 534. The geologist is Willie Loover, father of Sam Loover, of the WIN organisation, who knows that his father is suffering from a medical condition which involves the injection of a serum at regular intervals. And he will die unless the serum can reach him. Sam appeals to Professor McClaine for help, and Joe is given the brain pattern of one of the world's leading underground explorers. The situation is desperate, but Sam is able to give Joe exact directions regarding the underground tunnel where his father is lying helpless and the other two men are trapped. Even with his brain pattern, Joe finds the task a treacherous one, with crumbling footholes and dangerous drops, and with sheer rock faces which have to be scaled with ropes. But after a terrifying struggle through a very narrow passage, Joe at last reaches the old man and gives him an injection in the nick of time. Meanwhile, rescuers are drilling their way through and all are saved, with Willie Loover still miraculously alive, thanks to Joe.


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