Scott Tracy
ScottTracyCloseUp TheImposters
Gender Male
Born4th Apr 2035
Series Thunderbirds
Films Thunderbirds are Go
Thunderbird 6
Role Pilot
Thunderbird 1
Voice ActorsShane Rimmer

Scott Tracy was born on 4 April 2035 and is thirty years old, and is the oldest of the Tracy brothers. Scott heads the on site operations as he his craft, Thunderbird 1, is always the first to arrive. When their father goes on holiday, Scott is the natural choice to take over his position.


Scott is a natural leader, carrying an air of authority with a cool head on his shoulders. Only on rare occasions does he show minor signs of pressure; this is usually caused by the time constraints, rather than self doubt. He is quick of mind, and can assess the situation almost instantly to oversee the operations while giving precision instructions to his brothers. Scott's leadership qualities means that he is the natural choice for taking full control of International Rescue from Tracy Island when their father, Jeff, takes a rare holiday or attends an important function.


Scott is voiced in both the series and both the movies, by Canadian actor Shane Rimmer. Gerry Anderson had seen Shane perform in the TV Series Compact as Russell Corrigan, and Gerry thought he would make a good part as Scott. At the time Shane was doing various solo singing at the City Varities in Leeds, when his wife told him someone had called about doing the voice of a character of a puppet series. At first Shane didn't want to because of the distance he'd had to travel from Leeds to Gerrad's Cross. Never the less he went down their where he met supervising sound editor John Peverel. For Shane's audition, he simply recorded a few lines before heading back to leads. He didn't think much of it until two weeks later when he received a call saying "Do you want the part?"


Christine Glanville was given the task of sculpturing Scott Tracy, basing his face on James Bond actor Sean Connery.


Scott is named after Astronaut Scott Malcolm Carpenter, who was one of the original seven astronauts selected for Project Mercury and flew the Aurora 7 mission.

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