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Scott Tracy
Scott Tracy.jpg
Gender Male
Born 4th Apr 1996/2035
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Series Thunderbirds
Films Thunderbirds are Go
Thunderbird 6
Role Pilot
Thunderbird 1
Voice Actor Shane Rimmer

Scott Tracy (born 4 April 1996/2035; 30 years old) is the oldest of the five Tracy brothers. As pilot of the swing-wing rocket-plane Thunderbird 1, Scott serves as principal rescue coordinator whenever International Rescue is called out to the danger zone.

The signature color of his IR uniform is light blue.


Of all his siblings, Scott takes the most after their father, Jeff, in looks and temperament. He further emulated his father by joining the US Air Force, after attending Yale and Oxford.

Scott has the attributes of a natural leader, carrying an air of authority with a cool head on his shoulders. (Only on rare occasions does he show minor signs of pressure; this is usually caused by time-constraints, rather than self- doubt.)

He has plenty to help keep him sharp and "on his toes," too: aside from his duties aboard TB1 - where his ability to assess a situation almost instantly, and thus to issue precision instructions to his brothers, expedites the rescue at hand - Scott also serves as co-pilot aboard Thunderbird 3 on space-rescues (with his brother Alan), pitches in with operating rescue machinery carried aboard Thunderbird 2 (helmed by his brother Virgil) and is "subject to call" for bi-monthly space-monitor duty aboard IR's orbital listening post, Thunderbird 5 (after brothers John and Alan, in that order).

And, as the eldest, Scott is first in line to become acting head of International Rescue, should Jeff leave their home-and-headquarters on Tracy Island to attend an important function or take an all-too-rare holiday.

Scott isn't "all work and no play," though. When he's home and amongst family and friends, he's relaxed, good-natured and with a sense of fun. He also loves home-cooking - especially his Grandma Tracy's fresh-baked apple pie!


Throughout Thunderbirds' tenure - the TV series and both feature films, Thunderbirds are Go and Thunderbird 6 - Scott is voiced by Canadian-born actor Shane Rimmer. A prolific talent on both sides of the camera - singer, writer, actor in films and on television - his role as the voice of Scott may arguably be regarded as his "signature" performance.

How he got that role, is a story in itself: Gerry Anderson had seen Shane perform in the TV series Compact as Russell Corrigan, and thought he would make a good part as Scott. At the time, Shane was doing various solo-singing at the City Varities in Leeds, when his wife told him someone had called about doing the voice of a character of a puppet series. At first he didn't want to, because of the distance he'd had to travel from Leeds to Gerrard's Cross; nevertheless, he went down there where he met supervising sound editor John Peverel. For Shane's audition, he simply recorded a few lines before heading back to Leeds. He didn't think much of it until two weeks later, when he received a call saying "Do you want the part?" Meanwhile...puppeteer Christine Glanville was given the task of sculpting Scott, basing his face on actor Sean Connery, star of the early James Bond films.


Scott is named after Scott Carpenter (born Malcolm Scott Carpenter), the second American to orbit the Earth, aboard his Project Mercury capsule Aurora 7.


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