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Shane Lance Deacon (28 May 1929 – 29 March 2019), known professionally as Shane Rimmer was a Canadian voice actor and scriptwriter who had a long association with Gerry Anderson. He is best known for providing the voice of Scott Tracy throughout Thunderbirds, as well as Dick Spanner, the eponymous private Detective in Dick Spanner, P.I.

Voice Acting


Trapped in the Sky

  • TX 204 Co-Pilot

Pit of Peril

  • Johnny

The Mighty Atom

  • Reactor Control Assistant

Vault of Death

  • Carter

Operation Crash-Dive

  • Radar Operator

Martian Invasion

  • Director of Photography

Terror in New York City

  • Scanners
  • Washington

Thunderbirds Are Go

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Special Assignment

Flight to Atlantica

  • Sergeant


  • Pilot

Thunderbird 6

Joe 90

International Concerto

  • Kelly
  • Clerk
  • Technician

Big Fish

  • Gardner

Business Holiday

  • Colonel Henderson
  • Taxi Driver

Double Agent

  • Radio Control

Most Special Astronaut

  • Kent

The Investigator (pilot)

  • John

Space: 1999


  • Eagle Pilot

Matter of Life and Death

  • Bannion

The Testament of Arkadia

  • Eagle Pilot

The Last Enemy

  • Eagle Pilot

The Lambda Factor

  • Maintenance Section worker

Dick Spanner, P.I.


  • lists Rimmer as a voice actor in the upcoming production. Character unknown.

Live-action appearances



  • Seagull X-Ray Co-pilot

Computer Affair

  • Bill Johnson

Confetti Check A-OK

  • CIA agent

The Protectors


  • Vickers

Zeke's Blues

  • Zeke

Space: 1999

Space Brain

  • James Kelly

Space Police (pilot)

  • Lt. Chuck Brogan


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

  • Avalanche
  • Expo 2068
  • Inferno

Joe 90

  • The Fortress
  • King for a Day
  • Splashdown (uncredited)
  • Big Fish
  • Relative Danger
  • Breakout

The Secret Service

  • Hole in One

The Investigator

  • Pilot episode (story credit)

The Protectors

  • Zeke's Blues
  • Blockbuster