Steve Zodiac
Steve Zodiac
Born29th October 2030, United States
Series Fireball XL5
Voice ActorPaul Maxwell

Colonel Steve Zodiac is the main character of the Supermarionation series Fireball XL5, and pilot of the titular XL ship.

Character Bio

(as written in Century 21 Magazine)

Steve Zodiac was born in the domed city Kahra, on the planet Mars. His father was an air Marshall back on Earth before he moved to Mars to become Director in Chief of the Universal Secret Service. Steve was always fascinated with space and the possibility of finding life far beyond the stars. This lead him to joining the newly formed World Space Patrol Academy in 2047. He qualified as an astronaut in 2051 and was commissioned to a posting at Space City as a sub-lieutenant. He made friends with the renowned space explorer Jim Ireland before the latter set off on his 10 year voyage in 2053. Eventually Steve was promoted to Lieutenant and began to act as a shuttle pilot, flying trips between the space colonies of Earth. His expertise with interplanetary craft made him a prime candidate to become one of many captains as part of the new XL rocket fleet in 2055.

He initially acted as the co-pilot to Colonel Grange on Fireball XL5, but in 2057, when the colonel suffered a mental breakdown during a test flight of an improved Nutomic Motor aboard Fireball XL5, Steve knocked him out and safely guided the ship through the remaining tests before any serious damage could be done. For his bravery and decisive action, he was promoted to Colonel and given full command of XL5. His two man crew was chosen to be the brilliant scientist Professor Matic, and the beautiful Doctor Venus. Steve continues to fly Fireball XL5 and patrol Sector 25 of the Milky Way Galaxy to this very day. He has also continued to show incredible bravery and in 2063 was awarded the title 'Astronaut of the Year'.


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