Sun Probe is the 4th produced episode and the 11th broadcast episode of the first series of Thunderbirds.


When the retrorockets on board the Sun Probe fail, the spacecraft becomes locked on a collision course with the Sun. It is up to the Tracy family to rescue the crew and Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 3 are launched to try to remote-fire the rocket's retros by radio beam. But when Thunderbird 3 runs into difficulties itself, will Virgil and Brains, with the unlikely help of Brains' robot, Braman, be able to save Alan, Scott and Tin-Tin from the heat?

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  • This episode was one which Gerry Anderson was initially unsatisfied with during production and remembering an old pearl of wisdom, "If it's bad, make it loud", made special request for Barry Gray to create an extra loud score for the episode.
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