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Sun Probe is the 4th produced, and the 11th broadcast, episode of the British television series Thunderbirds.


When the retrorockets on board the Sun Probe manned mission fail, the spacecraft becomes locked on a collision course with the Sun, that will burn them to a crisp! It's up to International Rescue to rescue the now-trapped crew; and a two-pronged strategy is put into action: while Alan, Scott and Tin-Tin give direct chase in Thunderbird 3, Virgil and Brains (with Brains' robot, Braman) take Thunderbird 2 to the snowy slopes of Mount Arkan to stand by with a back-up regimen of their own...

TB3 succeeds in firing Sun Probe's retro-rockets by radio-beam - forcing it away from the Sun - but now the odds turn for the worse, as the overextended TB3 itself faces mortal peril!


  • This episode was one which Gerry Anderson was initially unsatisfied with during production and, remembering an old pearl of wisdom - "If it's bad, make it loud" - made a special request for Barry Gray to create an extra-loud score for the story.


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