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Talkdown is the 20th broadcast episode and 22nd produced episode of British television series Joe 90.


Joe 90 receives a test pilot's brain patterns, and discovers why a hypersonic fighter plane has crashed.


A new hypersonic fighter plane of advanced design crashes while undergoing trials by test pilot Jim Grant, who succeeds in ejecting but breaks an ankle in doing so. The reason for the crash is a mystery. Exhaustive tests fail to reveal any defects, and the W.I.N. organisation is called in. Another plane is available, and a demonstration for a number of high-ranking officers is due. But Grant's injury makes it impossible for him to fly and there is no other pilot familiar with the machine, except for Joe 90, who is given Grant's brain patterns. The demonstration begins, and Joe gives a faultless display until it's time for him to land. Then over his W.I.N. transmitter he tells Mac and Sam that he does not know the landing procedure! The reason for the crash is now obvious, Grant must have had a mental block about landing. There is only one way to save Joe, and that is to make Grant talk him down. Mac and Sam rush to the hospital. But can they force him to overcome the fear which made him forget the landing procedure when testing the plane? </small>


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