Terrahawks was a TV series produced by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr. The series was made up of 39 episodes which were originally broadcast in the UK in 3 separate 13 episode segments.

Terrahawks focused on the eponymous Terrahawks organisation which was tasked with defending planet Earth from alien threats. throughout the series these were orchestrated by an evil witch-like android named Zelda, who launched her attacks from Mars. The organisation was lead Dr. Tiger Ninestein, who was one of nine clones of Professor Gerhard Stein, who commanded Captain Mary Falconer, Captain Kate Kestrel, Lieutenant Hiro and Lieutenant Hawkeye.

The members were also assisted by a number of team of spherical robots known as Zeroids. These were often lead by Sergeant Major Zero, although assisting Hiro in space was Space Sergeant 101. Despite being mechanical each had their own personality, and other notable Zeroids include 18, who spoke with a French accent and whose name was often mispronounced as "Dicks Hewett", 21 who spoke with a stutter, and 55 who constantly rhymed when speaking.

Zelda was accompanied by her family which included her sister Cy-Star, her son Yung-Star, as well as Cy-Star's offspring It-Star. Zelda's family often remained on Mars, preferring to send other androids to actually attack Earth and the Terrahawks on their behalf. These included Sram who could produce a thunderous roar, MOID whose name was an acronym for Master Of Infinite Disguises, and Yuri the Space Bear. They were often assisted by a number of hissing Cubes, one of which was kept as a pet by Cy-Star.


Kate Kestrel

Kate Kestrel was also an accomplished pop singer and she was often seen recording songs at Anderburr Records in the company of her A&R man Stew Dapples and Anderburr Records producer - the unseen Chic King. Hudson (a 1985 Rolls Royce) was often seen driving Kate to and from Anderburr Records.

Badwater County's Sheriff Cy Bull also featured in a few episodes along with Deputy Kilroy.

An audio series produced by Big Finish Productions was released some 30 years later, which consisted of three separate anthologies.

Regular CastEdit

  • Dr. Tiger Ninestein - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Captain Mary Falconer - Denise Bryer
  • Sergeant Major Zero - Windsor Davies
  • Captain Kate Kestrel - Anne Ridler (speaking) and Moya Griffiths (singing)
  • Lieutenant Hiro - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Lieutenant Hawkeye - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Space Sergeant 101 - Ben Stevens
  • Hudson - Ben Stevens
  • Zelda - Denise Bryer
  • Yung-Star - Ben Stevens
  • Cy-Star - Anne Ridler
  • Dix-Huit - Ben Stevens
  • Zeroid 21 - Ben Stevens
  • Colonel Johnson - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Stewart 'Stew' Dapples - Ben Stevens
  • Chic King - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Zeroid 55 - Ben Stevens
  • Sram - Ben Stevens
  • Moid - Ben Stevens
  • Yuri the Space Bear
  • Sheriff Cy Bull - Jeremy Hitchen
  • Deputy Kilroy - Ben Stevens
  • It-Star - Jeremy Hitchen and Denise Bryer
  • Dr. Kiljoy - Windsor Davies
  • Zeroid 13 - Ben Stevens
  • Lord Tempo - Ben Stevens
  • Sue Ellen - Anne Ridler