The Big Gun is the sixth produced episode and the seventeenth broadcast episode of the series Stingray.


A new vessel is created by the under water people called the Solarstars. The vessel has the power to destroy an entire island and the crew of Stingray must destroy it, before it destroys them.


Under the sea a small vessel with a huge gun mounted on it, heads for the tiny island of San May. Inside one marine man called Mauritimus fires at the small island, destroying it completely.

He starts to head back to his home called Solarstar. He docks and is given a medal for his work by his Mighty Leader. He is then told to start destroying the west cost of America!

Commander Sam Shore is contacted by World Security HQ and told about three islands that have been destroyed in the same area in a week. Shore then orders Stingray to have a look around the area.

The crew of Stingray find the Solarstar vessel aiming at a sea dock. Stingray manages to fire at the vessel before it destroys the dock. Mauritimus survives by ejecting into an escape pod and heads back to Solarstar.

He tells his leader about the entire incident. Soon they learn of Marineville and Stingray and decide to destroy them all. So Mauritimus heads out in the second vessel towards Marineville.

Marineville tracking station alerts Commander Shore of the Solarstar vessel, he orders battle stations. Mauritimus fires one missile, but Marineville’s manages to be under ground before the missile hits.

Stingray starts to chase after the vessel. Mauritimus decides to lure Stingray back to his base and then he will destroy them.

Soon they arrive at the entrance and they go straight in. Troy, Phones and Marina discover that the Solarstar base is several hundred feet under the sea. However Stingray manages to stand the pressure, but Troy and Phones pass out due to pressure.

Mauritimus begins a countdown to fire at Stingray, but before he does, Marina fires a sting missile from Stingray, killing Mauritimus. Troy also tells Marina to destroy the whole of Solarstar.


Regular Characters

Guest Cast

WASP Equipment Used

  • Hydromic Missiles

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