The Gerry Anderson Podcast.

The Gerry Anderson Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Jamie Anderson (son of Gerry Anderson) and actor/author Richard James (Space Precinct). Each episode - or "pod" - is released on a Monday.

Preceded by a "This Episode" preview (set to Thunderbirds' famous "fast-music" sequence), the podcast-proper swings into its own intro theme - mixed by Benji Clifford - including music, sound effects, and dialogue taken from various Anderson series, including (in addition to Thunderbirds) Joe 90, Stingray, Terrahawks (keep an ear cocked for Zelda!), Fireball XL5 and Captain Scarlet.


Often referred to by Richard as "Newsy news news news!" a roundup of the week's news from the Gerry Anderson universe - generally including upcoming releases of new merchandise, DVDs and Blu-Rays, and videos on the Gerry Anderson YouTube channel, as well as information on new productions in development.

Sadly, sometimes there is also news of the passing of Anderson-universe alumni from both sides of the cameras (eg Space:1999's Suzanne Roquette (Tanya), who passed away in 2020; see also Weekly Feature, below).

The Voice of the Podsterons

As the Podcast developed and grew, its listeners came to be dubbed "Podsterons." Jamie and Richard read out selected Podsterons' correspondence on-air - from emails (both written or recorded audio-files), Twitter, and the Official Listeners Group on Facebook.

FAB Facts

Jamie has a copy of Simon Archer's book, Gerry Anderson's FAB Facts: Behind the Scenes of TV's Famous Adventures in the 21st Century. Each week, Jamie flicks through the book's pages - with Richard deciding which page to stop at, by shouting the word "FAB!" A Fact from that page is then read out by Jamie, and is discussed.

Facts can also be sent in by Podsterons as audio messages, on Twitter or in an email. (Pod 31 onwards.)

Quick-Fire Five

A blaring, jump-out-of-your-seats klaxon announces the arrival of this special feature - as Richard and Jamie quiz each other by giving five sets of two options on a similar theme, and asking which they prefer!

Plot of Peril

With the help of his trusty "Plot Device" machine, Richard gives a random Anderson character, an everyday item and a location - and Podcast listeners are then tasked with assembling a plot, lasting no more than 30 seconds, involving all three things, submitted via email, Facebook or Twitter. (Pod 69 onwards)

Weekly Feature

The Podcast's main feature is often an interview, either with a Gerry Anderson alumnus or a high-profile fan (eg, a well-known celebrity or distinguished scientist), who was inspired by Anderson's series. Often interviews have been split into two (or more) parts, featured in consecutive Pods.

Several Pod features have been tributes to Anderson alumni who've passed away (eg Thunderbirds' Shane Rimmer, who passed in 2019; see also News, above), while others have focused on the release of new productions - such as the Firestorm minisode pilot.

The Randomiser

Prolific Andersonia contributor Chris Dale gives a comical commentary of an episode from Gerry Anderson's back-catalogue. Each episode is introduced with a skit in which Chris travels through the Anderson universe, often accompanied by Stingray's Marina - getting characters to press the button on his "Randomiser" machine, which selects the episode.

Episodes are chosen from a list including all the surviving episodes of the various TV series - from The Adventures of Twizzle to New Captain Scarlet - as well as all of the available pilots.

(Where an episode from a multi-part story is selected, each individual part is included in consecutive Pods.)

Episode list

# Feature/Interview Randomiser Episode
1 Introductory "prequel" episode N/A
2 Sophia Myles, Lady Penelope - Thunderbirds (part 1) Torchy the Battery Boy: "Torchy and Squish"
3 Sophia Myles (part 2) Thunderbirds: "30 Minutes After Noon"
4 Lee Sullivan, comic artist Joe 90: "Trial At Sea"
5 Sophie Aldred, Doctor Who Joe 90: "Child Of The Sun God"
6 Gary Numan, musician Supercar: "The Talisman Of Sargon"
7 David Graham, Supermarionation voice artist New Captain Scarlet: "Grey Skulls"
8 Lizo Mzimba, BBC News Stingray: "Tom Thumb Tempest"
9 Wayne Forester, Captain Scarlet - New Captain Scarlet Supercar: "Deep Seven"
10 Tim Beddows, Network Distributing Stingray: "Loch Ness Monster"
11 Chris Packham, TV presenter (part 1) Space:1999: "Journey To Where"
12 Chris Packham (part 2) Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: "The Launching"
13 Mackinnon & Saunders, Lavender Castle & Firestorm puppet makers (part 1) Terrahawks: "Two For The Price Of One"
14 Mackinnon & Saunders (part 2) Four Feather Falls: "Once A Lawman"
15 Shane Rimmer, Scott Tracy - Thunderbirds Space Precinct: "Deadline"
16 Mike Tucker, model maker Torchy The Battery Boy: "Bossy Boots Goes To Topsy Turvy Land"
17 Phil Plait, BadAstronomer Joe 90: "Arctic Adventure"
18 David Quantick, screenwriter Joe 90: "The Fortress"
19 Andrew James Spooner, Firestorm puppeteer New Captain Scarlet: "Trap for a Rhino"
20 Firestorm premiere (part 1) Space:1999": "Space Warp"
21 Firestorm premiere (part 2) Joe 90: "Double Agent"
22 The Kings Arms - the birth of Parker Space:1999: "All That Glisters"
23 Nicholas Briggs, Big Finish Space Precinct: "Hate Street"
24 Remembering Mike Noble Torchy The Battery Boy: "Torchy is Stolen"
25 Crispin Merrell, composer - Space Precinct, Lavender Castle, New Captain Scarlet (part 1) Dick Spanner, P.I.: "The Case of the Human Cannon-ball" (part 1)
26 Crispin Merrell, composer (part 2) Dick Spanner, P.I.: "The Case of the Human Cannonball" (part 2)
27 Robbie Stevens, voice artist - Terrahawks, New Captain Scarlet Space Precinct: "Illegal"
28 Terry Adlam, creator - Dick Spanner, P.I. Thunderbirds: "Give Or Take A Million"
29 Sean Feast, biographer - Lionel Anderson Fireball XL5: "Mystery Of The TA2"
30 2018 year in review Supercar: "High Tension"
31 Phil Ford, writer - New Captain Scarlet (part 1) Thunderbirds: "Move - And You're Dead"
32 Phil Ford (part 2) Joe 90: "Three's A Crowd"
33 Liz Morgan, Destiny Angel - Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (part 1) Space:1999: "Space Brain"
34 Liz Morgan (part 2) UFO: "Mindbender"
35 Marcus Hearn, biographer - Gerry Anderson (part 1) Stingray: "Subterranean Sea"
36 Remembering Richard Gregory Fireball XL5: "Invasion Earth"
37 Marcus Hearn (part 2) The Protectors: "Decoy"
38 Pat Sharp, TV presenter Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons: "Inferno"
39 Forces TV Fireball XL5: "Flight To Danger"
40 Dirk Maggs, writer and director (part 1) Lavender Castle: "A Stitch In Time"
41 Dirk Maggs (part 2) Lavender Castle: "Cloud of Chaos"
42 Shane Rimmer tribute Roberta Leigh's Paul Starr
43 Derek Meddings, special effects Torchy the Battery Boy: "The Building of Frutown"
44 Thunderbirds Q&A - Andercon 2014 Fireball XL5 - "A Day In The Life Of A Space General"
45 Denise Bryer, Zelda, Terrahawks Terrahawks: "Timewarp"
46 Mary Anderson, Gerry Anderson's widow (part 1) Thunderbirds: "Security Hazard"
47 Mary Anderson (part 2) Four Feather Falls: "Gunplay"
48 Mary Anderson (part 3) Fireball XL5: "The Triads"
49 Peter Holmes, prop maker Captain Scarlet and the Mystersons: "Flight 104"
50 50 Questions Poddiversary Terrahawks: "Jolly Roger One"
51 Jon Culshaw, impressionist (part 1) UFO: "Computer Affair"
52 Jon Culshaw (part 2) The Protectors: "The Big Hit"
53 Live at the FAB Worlds of Anderson Torchy The Battery Boy: "Torchy and the Man on the Moon"
54 Jake Dudman, impressionist New Captain Scarlet: "Dominion"
55 Benji Clifford, musician Lavender Castle, "Duelling Banjos"
56 Mike Trim, model maker Space Precinct: "Deathwatch: Part 1"
57 Marc Silk, voice actor (part 1) Space Precinct: "Deathwatch: Part 2"
58 Marc Silk (part 2) Captain Scarlet: "Big Ben Strikes Again"
59 Mary Turner, puppet maker & operator Stingray: "In Search of the Tajmanon"
60 Alan Birkinshaw, director - Space Precinct The Secret Service: "A Question of Miracles"
61 Kevin Grazier, scientist (part 1) Four Feather Falls: "A Little Bit of Luck"
62 Kevin Grazier (part 2) Space:1999: "New Adam New Eve"
63 John Glen, director - Space Precinct (part 1) Supercar: "Transatlantic Cable"
64 John Glen (part 2) Terrahawks: "Thunder Roar"
65 Space:1999 audio series preview Fireball XL5: "The Granatoid Tanks"
66 Samira Ahmed, journalist & Kevin Fong, doctor (part 1) Captain Scarlet: "Dangerous Rendezvous"
67 Samira Ahmed & Kevin Fong (part 2) Lavender Castle: "Supernova"
68 Samira Ahmed & Kevin Fong (part 3) Joe 90: "Business Holiday"
69 Barry Gray, composer Torchy the Battery Boy: "Torchy Returns to Earth"
70 Rae Earl, broadcaster and writer (part 1) Terrahawks: "Operation S.A.S"
71 Rae Earl (part 2) Space Precinct: "Seek and Destroy"
72 ITC at Elstree Studios Supercar: "Pirate Plunder"
73 Alex Bell (part 1) New Captain Scarlet: "Proteus"
74 Alex Bell (part 2) Thunderbirds: "The Uninvited"
75 Gavin Robertson on Thunderbirds FAB Stage Show (part 1) Stingray: "Marineville Traitor"
76 Gavin Robertson on Thunderbirds FAB Stage Show (part 2) UFO: "Confetti Check A-O.K"
77 Christine Glanville, Puppeteer and sculptor (part 1) Fireball XL5: "Space Pen"
78 Christine Glanville (part 2) Thunderbirds: "Ricochet"
79 Christine Glanville (part 3) Space:1999: "Earthbound"
80 Christine Glanville (part 4) Movie: "Thunderbirds Are Go" (part 1)
81 Christine Glanville (part 5) Movie: "Thunderbirds Are Go" (part 2)
82 Arthur Provis, Gerry Anderson's business partner Torchy the Battery Boy: "King Dithers"
83 Robert J. Sawyer, science fiction writer Joe 90: "Talkdown"
84 Robert J. Sawyer (part 2) Lavender Castle: "In the Beginning"
85 Robert J. Sawyer (part 3) Stingray: "Invisible Enemy"
86 Farewell to Nicholas Parsons and Alan Pattillo The Protectors: "Implicado"
87 Ed Bishop Reads The Heart of New York Fireball XL5: "Hypnotic Sphere"
88 Captain Scarlet: The Spectrum Files Four Feather Falls: "The Toughest Guy In The West"
89 Will Barton, actor - Space Precinct Captain Scarlet: "The Inquisition"
90 Dr. David Parker, European Space Agency (part 1) Space: 1999: "End of Eternity"
91 Dr. David Parker (part 2) Lavender Castle: "Flower Power"
92 Dr. David Parker (part 3) Four Feather Falls: "A Cure For Everything"
93 Charlotte Herpel, Editor Supercar: "The Sunken Temple"
94 Morris Bright, Elstree Studios chairman New Captain Scarlet: "Shape Shifter"
95 Morris Bright (part 2) UFO: "The Responsibility Seat"
96 David Holt, voice artist - Lavender Castle (part 1) Space Precinct: "The Witness"
97 David Holt (part 2) Captain Scarlet: "Expo 2068"
98 Paul Franklin, visual effects supervisor Torchy the Battery Boy: "Torchy And The Broken Rocket"
99 Paul Franklin (part 2) The Protectors: "It Could Be Practically Anywhere On The Island"
100 The Genesis of Thunderbirds Thunderbirds: "The Cham-Cham"
101 Chris Bowden, producer - Lavender Castle Joe 90: "See You Down There"
102 Chris Bowden (part 2) Terrahawks: "Close Call"
103 David Tremont, model maker Four Feather Falls: "Kidnapped"
104 David Tremont (part 2) The Secret Service: "Errand Of Mercy"
105 David Tremont (part 3) Space: 1999: "Guardian of Piri"
106 Morgan Jeffrey, Radio Times (part 1) Lavender Castle: "Raiders of the Planet Zark"
107 Morgan Jeffrey, Radio Times (part 2) The Protectors: "Thinkback"
108 Joan Marie Verba Fireball XL5: "Convict in Space"
109 M.G. Harris (part 1) Captain Scarlet: "Lunarville 7"
110 M.G. Harris (part 2) Space Precinct: "Flash"
111 Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince (part 1) Stingray: "Plant of Doom"
112 Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince (part 2) Supercar: "King Kool"
113 Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince (part 3) UFO: "ESP"
114 Richard James reads Space Precinct: Unmasked Terrahawks: "The Sporilla"
115 Matthew Clark (part 1) Space:1999: "Devil's Planet"
116 Matthew Clark (part 2) New Captain Scarlet: "Syrtis Major"
117 Mark Woollard (part 1) Thunderbirds: "The Imposters"
118 Mark Woollard (part 2) Joe 90: "Project 90"
119 Mark Woollard (part 3) The Protectors: "Sugar and Spice"
120 Nicholas Briggs with First Action Bureau Stingray: "Deep Heat"
121 Gemini Force One: Ghost Mine read by Jacob Dudman UFO: "Sub-Smash"
122 Space Precinct read by Richard James Supercar: "Hostage"
123 Into Infinity: Planetfall read by Robbie Stevens Terrahawks: "Midnight Blue"
124 Leo Eaton (part 1) Space:1999: "Force of Life"
125 Leo Eaton (part 2) Four Feather Falls: "Election Day"
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