The Ghost Of The Sea is the 14th broadcast episode and 10th produced episode of British television series Stingray.


Commander Shore relives the ordeal that left him paralysed when construction on a mining rig is complete.


Commander Shore relives the past horrors of the injury which has left him a cripple. He remembers how his one-man craft was severely damaged in combat with an unknown enemy, and how his life was saved by a mysterious stranger he has never seen since , a man he calls " The Ghost of the sea". The mysterious stranger is suspected of having destroyed an mining rig at the place where Shore was injured, so to lay the legend of the Ghost once and for all, Troy suggests that his commanding officer should return to the scene. On their way there, Stingray comes under attack from an hostile craft, but escapes unharmed. During the skirmish, Shore recognises the man who saved his life and Troy is instrumental in repaying the commander's debt by saving the stranger's life. In return the grateful man signals that he wishes to make peace. No further mining rigs will be destroyed.


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