The Investigator


The Investigator was a failed pilot devised by Gerry Anderson and produced by Starkits in 1973. As with The Secret Service before it, the pilot combined live action with Supermarionation. As with The Secret Service, the lead characters were shown to have been shrunk down to miniature size in order to complete their missions.

An unusual aspect of the pilot was the fact it was completely filmed on location in Malta, including the Supermarionation sequences, a number of which were filmed outdoors rather than within a studio setting. It was the last production by Anderson to use the Supermarionation process until 1991 when he revived the process for the music video "Calling Elvis" by Dire Straits, which made use of characters from Thunderbirds.


Two teens, John and Julie, find themselves ⅓ normal size due to the work of the unseen "investigator", an alien being only seen as a green star in the teens' cave base. The investigator has recruited the two teens to make the Earth a better place, for he has seen the evils of humans, and one in particular is the teens' first mission. Karanti, a rich and greedy man, plans to steal a precious painting from a church, but the teens stop him before he gets away with it. This half-hour pilot does not provide any backstory to John and Julie, including whether they are related or not (though they are of similar enough appearance that they could be siblings), nor does it explain how they were recruited. Several lines of dialogue suggest that they were miniaturized against their will and hope to return to normal size if they do the Investigator's bidding.

Voice Cast

Amphibious speedboat


  • Stavros Karanti - Charles Thake
  • Christoph - Peter Borg

Theme music

Theme from Gerry Anderson's 'The Investigator'
Theme from Gerry Anderson's 'The Investigator'

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